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Rule 108Summons to the oral hearing

The judge-rapporteur shall summon the parties to the oral hearing which shall take place before the panel on the date(s) set under Rules 28 [1] and/or 41(c) [2] and 104(h) [3]. If no date(s) have been set the judge-rapporteur shall set a date for the oral hearing. At least two months’ notice shall be given, unless the parties agree to a shorter time period.
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As soon as practicable after service of the Statement of defence, the judge-rapporteur shall, after consulting the parties, set a date and time for an interim conference (where necessary [Rule 101.1]) and set a date for the oral hearing. The judge-rapporteur may set one alternative date.

(c) dates already set under Rule 28 shall be confirmed wherever possible;

The interim conference shall enable the judge-rapporteur to:
(h) set a date for any separate hearing pursuant to point (g) of this Rule, confirm the date for the oral hearing and order, where appropriate, after consultation with the presiding judge and the parties that the oral hearing or a separate hearing of witnesses and experts be wholly or partly by video conference in accordance with Rule 112.3;