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Rule 382Recovery

1. Where the Court has ordered another party to pay the costs of the applicant for legal aid, that other party shall be required to refund to the Court any sums advanced by way of legal aid. In the event of a shortfall between the costs so ordered and the sums advanced by way of legal aid the applicant may be required to meet such shortfall from any damages or compensation awarded by the Court or from any sum received by way of settlement.

2. In the event of withdrawal of legal aid under Rule 380 [1], the applicant may be required to refund to the Court any sums advanced by way of legal aid.
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1. If the economic situation of the applicant which has led to the grant of legal aid according to Rule 377.1(a) alters during the proceedings, the Court may at any time, of his own motion or on a reasoned request by the other party, withdraw wholly or partly legal aid but only after having heard the applicant.
2. The Court may withdraw wholly or partly legal aid if the applicant:
(a) by inaccurately representing the circumstances of the case, has misrepresented its prospects of success, which are determinative for the approval of assistance with Court costs; or
(b) has grossly negligently made false statements as to his personal or economic circumstances; or
(c) has not immediately informed the Court of a considerable improvement to his financial circumstances;
(d) has been in arrears for longer than three months with the payment of a monthly instalment or with the payment of any other amount.
3. An order withdrawing legal aid shall state the reasons on which it is based.