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Rule 275Service of the Statement of claim by an alternative method or at an alternative place

1. Where service in accordance with Section 1 or 2 could not be effected the Court on an application by the claimant that there is a good reason to authorise service by a method or at a place not otherwise permitted by this Chapter, the Court may by way of order permit service by an alternative method or at an alternative place.

2. On a reasoned request by the claimant, the Court may order that steps already taken to bring the Statement of claim to the attention of the defendant by an alternative method or at an alternative place is good service.

3. An order under this rule shall specify:

(a) the method or place of service;

(b) the date on which the Statement of claim is deemed served; and

(c) the period for filing the Statement of defence.

4. No order for alternative se
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