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 Rule 194Examination of the Application for preserving evidence

Court of First Instance - Milan (IT) Local Division, Order dated 13/06/2023, OERLIKON TEXTILE GMBH & CO KG v Himson Engineering Private Limited (Case number UPC_CFI_127/2023, ORD_500024/2023)
Example of decision where extreme urgency is not characterized: “The claimant argues that the order for preserving evidence is extremely urgent due to the end of the fair in Milan, which will end on the 14th of June. The application has been lodged on the 12th afternoon. At this stage, it is still possible for the presiding judge in the local division of Milan to make an urgent decision before the end of the fair. Against this background, the extreme urgency is not characterized and the application for preserving evidence can be examined by the presiding judge in accordance with Rule 194.3.