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Rule 43Exchange of written pleadings (revocation action)

1. The written procedure shall consist of:

(a) the lodging of a Statement for revocation (by the claimant) [Rule 44] [[-
The claimant shall, subject to point (b), lodge a Statement for revocation at the Registry in accordance with Article 7(2) of the Agreement and Annex II thereto. The Statement for revocation shall contain:
(a) particulars in accordance with Rule 13.1(a) to (d) and (g), (h);
(b) where the parties have agreed to bring the action before a local division or a regional division in accordance with Article 33(7) of the Agreement, an indication of the division which shall hear the action, accompanied by evidence of the defendant’s agreement;
(c) where applicable, an indication that the action shall be heard by a single judge [Article 8(7) of the Agreement], accompanied by evidence of the defendant’s agreement;
(d) an indication of the extent to which revocation of the patent is requested;
(e) one or more grounds for revocation, which shall as far as possible be supported by arguments of law, and where appropriate an explanation of the claimant’s proposed claim construction;
(f) an indication of the facts relied on;
(g) the evidence relied on, where available, and an indication of any further evidence which will be offered in support;
(h) an indication of any order the claimant will seek during the interim procedure [Rule 104(e)];
and (i) a list of the documents, including any witness statements, referred to in the Statement fo
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