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Rule 157Appeal against the cost decision

The decision of the judge-rapporteur as to costs only may be appealed to the Court of Appeal in accordance with Rule 221. [1]

Rule 221 – Application for leave to appeal against cost decisions [2]
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1. A party adversely affected by a decision referred to in Rule 157 may lodge an Application for leave to appeal to the Court of Appeal within 15 days of service of the decision of the Court.
2. The Application for leave to appeal shall set out:
(a) the reasons why the appeal should be heard;
(b) where necessary, the facts, evidence and arguments relied on.
3. The Application for leave to appeal shall be assigned to the standing judge (Rule 345.5 and .8) who shall decide on granting leave to appeal.
4. If leave to appeal a cost decision is granted the standing judge shall decide the appeal.

(1) Reasonable and proportionate legal costs and other expenses incurred by the successful party shall, as a general rule, be borne by the unsuccessful party, unless equity requires otherwise, up to a ceiling set in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.
(2) Where a party succeeds only in part or in exceptional circumstances, the Court may order that costs be apportioned equitably or that the parties bear their own costs.
(3) A party should bear any unnecessary costs it has caused the Court or another party.
(4) At the request of the defendant, the Court may order the applicant to provide adequate security for the legal costs and other expenses incurred by the defendant which the applicant may be liable to bear, in particular in the cases referred to in Articles 59 to 62.