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Rule 17Recording in the register and assignment (Court of First Instance, infringement action)

1. If the requirements referred to in Rule 16.2 [1] or 16.3 [2] have been complied with, the Registry shall as soon as practicable:

(a) record the date of receipt of the Statement of claim and attribute an action number to the file;

(b) record the file in the register; and

(c) inform the claimant of the action number of the file and the date of receipt.

2. The action shall be assigned to a panel of a division according to Rule 345.3 [3] . Where requested by the parties the action shall be assigned to a single judge in accordance with Rule 345.6. [4]

3. The following shall determine the distribution of actions between the seat of the central division and its sections.

(a) Where an action involves a single patent having a single classification, the Registry shall allocate the a
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2. The Registry shall, as soon as practicable after the lodging of the Statement of claim, examine whether the requirements of Rules 13.1 (a) to (j), .2, 14 and 15.1 have been complied with.

3. If the claimant has not complied with the requirements referred to in paragraph 2, the Registry shall as soon as practicable invite the claimant to:
(a) correct the deficiencies within 14 days of service of such notification; and
(b) where applicable, pay the fee for the infringement action within said 14 days.

3. The actions pending in the division, the seat of the central division or one of its sections shall be assigned to the panels by the Registrar following an action-distribution-scheme established by the presiding judge of each local or regional division, the seat of the central division and its sections (being the judge appointed by the Presidium as the presiding judge) for the duration of one calendar year, preferably distributing the actions according to the date of receipt of the actions at the division or section.

6. If all parties agree to having the action heard by a single judge, the presiding judge of the panel to which the action is allocated shall assign the action to a legally qualified judge of the panel.