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Rule 96Lex specialis for the oral procedure (ex parte procedure)

1. Rules 110.3, [1] 111, [2] 115 [3] and 118.6 [4] shall apply to the oral hearing and to the decision of the Court.

2. If an oral hearing is not convened, the panel shall decide in accordance with Rule 117. [5]
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3. The oral procedure shall start immediately after the interim procedure is closed. The presiding judge shall, in consultation with the judge-rapporteur, take over the management of the action.

The presiding judge shall:
(a) have all authority to ensure a fair, orderly and efficient oral procedure; and
(b) ensure that the action is ready for decision on the merits at the end of the oral hearing.

The oral hearing and any separate hearing of witnesses shall be open to the public unless the Court decides to make a hearing, to the extent necessary, confidential in the interests of one or both parties or third parties or in the general interests of justice or public order. The hearing shall be audio recorded. The recording shall be made available to the parties or their representatives at the premises of the Court after the hearing. Rule 103 shall apply -.

6. The Court shall give the decision on the merits as soon as possible after the closure of the oral hearing. The Court shall endeavour to issue the decision on the merits in writing within six weeks of the oral hearing. The Court shall give reasons for its decision.

Where both parties have informed the Registry that they do not wish to be represented at the oral hearing the Court shall take a decision on the merits on the basis of the pleadings and evidence submitted by the parties and the court expert, if applicable, and otherwise in accordance with Rules 118 and 350 to 354.