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Rule 331Responsibility for case management

1. During the written procedure and the interim procedure, case management shall be the responsibility of the judge-rapporteur subject to Rules 102 [1] and 333 [2].

2. The judge-rapporteur may refer a proposed order to the panel.

3. After the closure of the interim conference, case management shall be the responsibility of the presiding judge in consultation with the judge-rapporteur.

4. The Registry shall serve any case management orders on the parties as soon as practicable after the decision of the judge-rapporteur, presiding judge or panel.
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1. The judge-rapporteur may refer any matter to the panel for decision and the panel may of its own motion review any decision or order of the judge-rapporteur or the conduct of the interim procedure.
2. Any party may request that a decision or order of the judge-rapporteur be referred to the panel for a review pursuant to Rule 333. Pending review, the decision or order of the judge-rapporteur shall be effective.

1. Case management decisions or orders made by the judge-rapporteur or the presiding judge shall be reviewed by the panel, on a reasoned Application by a party.
2. An Application for the review of a case management order shall be lodged within 15 days of service of the order. The Application shall set out the grounds for review and the evidence, if any, in support of the grounds. The other party shall be given an opportunity to be heard.
3. The party seeking a review shall pay the fee for the review of a case management order, in accordance with Part 6. Rule 15.2 shall apply mutatis mutandis.
4. The panel shall as soon as practicable decide the Application for review and make any necessary revised case management order.
5. A decision of the panel on an Application for review is a procedural decision for the purposes of Rule 220.2.