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Rule 117Absence of both parties from the oral hearing

Where both parties have informed the Registry that they do not wish to be represented at the oral hearing the Court shall take a decision on the merits on the basis of the pleadings and evidence submitted by the parties and the court expert, if applicable, and otherwise in accordance with Rules 118 [[-
1. In addition to the orders and measures and without prejudice to the discretion of the Court referred to in Articles 63, 64, 67 and 80 of the Agreement the Court may, if requested, order the payment of damages or compensation according to Articles 68 and 32(1)(f) of the Agreement. The amount of the damages or the compensation may be stated in the order or determined in separate proceedings [Rules 125-144].
2. If, while there are infringement proceedings before a local or regional division, a revocation action is pending between the same parties before the central division or an opposition is pending before the European Patent Office, the local or regional division:
(a) may render its decision on the merits of the infringement claim, including its orders, under the condition subsequent pursuant to Article 56(1) of the Agreement that the patent is not held to be wholly or partially invalid by t
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