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Rule 285Powers of attorney

1. A representative who claims to be representing a party shall be accepted as such provided however the Court may order a representative to produce a written authority if his representative powers are challenged.

2. In the event of a successful challenge to a representative’s authority pursuant to paragraph 1 the Court may make an order pursuant to Rule 291 [1] .
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1. If the Court considers that the conduct of a party’s representative towards the Court, towards any judge of the Court or towards any member of the staff of the Registry is incompatible with the dignity of the Court or with the requirements of the proper administration of justice, or that such representative uses his rights for purposes other than those for which they were granted, or that such representative is otherwise in breach of any code of conduct adopted pursuant to Rule 290.2
2. Where a party’s representative is excluded from the proceedings, the proceedings shall be stayed for a period fixed by the presiding judge in order to enable the party concerned to appoint another representative.