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Rule 334Case management powers

Except where the Agreement, the Statute or these Rules provide otherwise, the judge-rapporteur, the presiding judge or the panel may:

(a) extend or shorten the period for compliance with any rule or order [Rule 9.3] [1].

(b) adjourn or bring forward the interim conference or the oral hearing;

(c) communicate with the parties to instruct them about wishes or requirements of the Court;

(d) direct a separate hearing of any issue;

(e) decide the order in which issues are to be decided;

(f) exclude an issue from consideration;

(g) dismiss or decide on a claim after a decision on a preliminary issue makes a decision on further issues irrelevant to the outcome of the action;

(h) dismiss a claim summarily if it has no prospect of succeeding;

(i) consolidate any matter or issu
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3. Subject to paragraph 4, on a reasoned request by a party, the Court may:
(a) extend, even retrospectively, a time period referred to in these Rules or imposed by the Court; and
(b) shorten any such time period.