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Version: 20 June 2013

ARTICLE 11Training

(1) Appropriate and regular training of judges shall be provided for within the training framework set up under Article 19 [1] of the Agreement. The Presidium shall adopt Training Regulations ensuring the implementation and overall coherence of the training framework.

(2) The training framework shall provide a platform for the exchange of expertise and a forum for discussion, in particular by:

  • (a) organising courses, conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia;
  • (b) cooperating with international organisations and education institutes in the field of intellectual property; and
  • (c) promoting and supporting further vocational training.

(3) An annual work programme and training guidelines shall be drawn up, which shall include for each judge an annual training plan id
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(1) A training framework for judges, the details of which are set out in the Statute, shall be set up in order to improve and increase available patent litigation expertise and to ensure a broad geographic distribution of such specific knowledge and experience. The facilities for that framework shall be situated in Budapest.
(2) The training framework shall in particular focus on:
(a) internships in national patent courts or divisions of the Court of First Instance hearing a substantial number of patent litigation cases;
(b) improvement of linguistic skills;
(c) technical aspects of patent law;
(d) the dissemination of knowledge and experience in civil procedure for technically qualified judges;
(e) the preparation of candidate-judges.
(3) The training framework shall provide for continuous training. Regular meetings shall be organised between all judges of the Court in order to discuss developments in patent law and to ensure the consistency of the Court’s case law.