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Version: 20 June 2013

ARTICLE 3Appointment of judges

(1) Judges shall be appointed pursuant to the procedure set out in Article 16 [1] of the Agreement.

(2) Vacancies shall be publicly advertised and shall indicate the relevant eligibility criteria as set out in Article 2 [2]. The Advisory Committee shall give an opinion on candidates’ suitability to perform the duties of a judge of the Court. The opinion shall comprise a list of most suitable candidates. The list shall contain at least twice as many candidates as there are vacancies. Where necessary, the Advisory Committee may recommend that, prior to the decision on the appointment, a candidate judge receive training in patent litigation pursuant to Article 11(4)(a) [3].

(3) When appointing judges, the Administrative Committee shall ensure the best legal and technical expertise and a ba
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(1) The Advisory Committee shall establish a list of the most suitable candidates to be appointed as judges of the Court, in accordance with the Statute.
(2) On the basis of that list, the Administrative Committee shall appoint the judges of the Court acting by common accord.
(3) The implementing provisions for the appointment of judges are set out in the Statute.

(1) Any person who is a national of a Contracting Member State and fulfils the conditions set out in Article 15 of the Agreement and in this Statute may be appointed as a judge.
(2) Judges shall have a good command of at least one official language of the European Patent Office.

(4) The training framework shall in addition:
(a) ensure appropriate training for candidate-judges and newly appointed judges of the Court;