Casalonga UPC rules of procedure
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2.4Demeanour in Court

2.4.1 A Representative shall act towards the Court as an independent counsellor by serving the interests of his or her Clients in an unbiased manner without regard to his or her personal feelings or interests.

2.4.2 A Representative shall act courteously towards other Representatives, persons accompanying the Representatives, parties, witnesses and experts.

2.4.3 A Representative is responsible for taking appropriate steps to ensure the appropriate demeanour in Court of anyone accompanying him or her.

Note: “Accompanying” means attending in person or otherwise, e.g. by telephone or video link. “In Court” includes interim conferences, telephone conferences, video conferences or anything where there is an official communication between the Representative and Court. “Anyone” includes inter alia clients and patent attorneys assisting under Art. 48 (4) of the Agreement.